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Glenwood Springs Colorado is not only a wonderful vacation destination, it is also a beautiful place to live. For those who are lucky enough to make their home in Glenwood Springs, Colorado’s jewel in the mountains becomes a year-round treasure. With a good balance of tourism and commercial variety, Glenwood Springs’ economy has remained strong and healthy, even during times of general down turns in the economy of Colorado. Glenwood Springs has shown steady development occurring in both commercial and residential properties. The real estate market in particular has flourished with the average price of homes rising yearly. New hotels and lodging properties are added to Glenwood’s inventory every year. As the commercial hub for the surrounding area, continued growth throughout the region has continued positive impacts. This picturesque mountain community has been featured in The Great Towns of America in 1998, and was listed as # 4 in “The Best Small Towns of America” in 1995. The evidence of Glenwood’s growth can be seen in ongoing development, both commercial and residential. While other economies in Colorado and around the nation may have slowed, Glenwood Springs continues to be a popular place for businesses and homeowners. What keeps Glenwood’s economy strong and healthy is that it is based both on tourism and commercial variety. Glenwood Springs attracts vacationers from around the state and the country who come here to soak up the hot water, play in the mountains, ski down the slopes, run the rivers, or to just relax and have a good time. The town also acts as a regional trade center for the surrounding area and the county seat for growing Garfield County.

Nestled in a beautiful mountainous valley, Glenwood Springs sits on the western slope of Colorado as a hub to Aspen, which is just 40 miles away, and Vail, 45 miles east, and is a scenic 3-hour drive to Denver. The campus of the Colorado Mountain College is just minutes away. Housing prices in Glenwood Springs varies, depending on the location within Garfield County. Rents tend to decrease in price as you travel from Carbondale to Glenwood Springs to Rifle. Rentals of studios and one-bedroom apartments run from $500 to $850 per month, and two bedrooms are $550 to $900. Two-bedroom condos, townhouses, duplexes and small homes rent for $750 to $1,300, and larger homes can be anywhere from $900 to $2000. The average selling price for a single-family home in Glenwood Springs in the first half of 2001 was approximately $297,000. Excellent schools, medical facilities and a very good regional transit system is found within the city. Tons of recreational activities, local museums, lots of shopping and entertainment venues and small town festivals and parades are found throughout in the region. A wide variety of restaurants are found in Glenwood Springs, also, from French to Cajun, to Italian and American food. The climate in Glenwood Springs is alpine with virtually no humidity in the summertime, but lots of snow in the winter.


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